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Redlands is an iconic city. A city that has aged like fine wine. It is known for it’s historical landmarks such as The Krikorian Move theatre, The University of Redlands, and its now new shopping outlets such as Mountain Grove and State St. It is also very well known for The Bouquet Florists In Redlands for in the past couple of years. Voted Top Florist Two Years In A Row, our goal is to provide the best customer experience. Wedding Engagement’s happen and within the blink of an eye. We’ll be the easieset check mark on your wedding checklist.

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A Little About Us

We are a Redlands Florist with the experience of 30+ years. Our location was established in 1997. Amidst the number of florists in the surrounding area. Google and Yelp has now Ranked us as the #1 florist in the area within three years. We are your local wedding provider and will give you the planning tools to deliver your dream wedding ideas. Floral is a passion for our lead designers. From Valentine’s day, Mother’s Day, Birthday, Anniversaries, and more holidays, The Wedding Florists has made a name for itself. The daily flower arrangements and holiday aren’t our only outlet. Weddings have been a passion for ours. Our talent has been solidified in numerous blogs, wedding photos, and portfolios for our work. Our dream is to bring about yours for your special wedding.

So you said, “Yes!” and now wear engagement rings before you say your wedding vows. That is simply step on. No it is time to find a wedding dress and prepare for the event. This must be the reason you are on this wedding website. We are your Redlands Wedding Florist. Your top Redlands, CA wedding flower vendor. Wedding Flowers in Redlands is very competitive, but we’ve gained recognition with our style and exceptional customer service which has been noted on our Google and Yelp page. Wedding planning is a tedious and stressful situation. Until the moment of your wedding ceremony, you will go back and forth preparing for your special day. Our job is to deliver an exceptional floral experience for your special event. Wedding photographers love our work. Wedding cake bakers are excited to collaborate with us. Your wedding bouquet will be handled with love and attention. Bridal bouquets grab the look and feel of the entire wedding. It is important for any bouquet wrap to match the wedding decor. We love to solve the task of a beautiful wedding. Beautiful bouquets are not the only task. Wedding reception decor, ceremony decor such as kissing balls and archway flowers give a real touch. Flower walls deliver the destination wedding appeal. Whatever the case, the passion we have at The Bouquet Florists in Redlands is unrivaled. Your dream wedding is our dream wedding. It is our job to provide you wedding decor that will not only wow the wedding party but each guest that attends. From the most intimate weddings to grand gatherings, all budgets to all styles and colors, we here at the bouquet florists aim to dress your wedding in floral that attendees will remember forever. Our services to you are personalized and customized from each petal to the ribbon in which you decide. The married life will be remembered by beautiful floral decor. We hope to deliver flower care you will remember forever.

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8 Steps To Prepare For Your Redlands Wedding Florist

Step 1. Find Recommendations

As with any major decision it is best to not only search around, but to ask your friends, family, and colleagues if they have used a florist for a wedding event. Online outlets such as yelp Yelp and Google offer crowd sourced reviews from personal experiences and overall rating. Finding a florist who is experienced, talented, and reliable, who will also work with your budget and vision. Ask questions. Study and review samples of their work or galleries as well. If you are working with a wedding planner or coordinator they will likely have recommended vendors including florists. It is also necessary to receive more than one quote. Even if your mind is made up about your selection it is best to see what other’s may offer and how prices vary. It makes many comfortable knowing they are getting the best value for their dollar!

Step 2. Prepare Your Budget For The Special Day

What should your floral budget be? How much should you spend of flowers for your wedding day? The answer varies, but many florists believe a good rule of thumb is somewhere around 10%. Your floral budget should be 10% of your overall wedding budget. Part of selecting your budget depends on the style of flowers you’d like. Floral choice such as pricey peonies versus standard roses makes a big difference in price. Also, many often overlook seasonal flowers when deciding the best use for their wedding event. If flowers are available out of their season, they are more likely to be double the price than in season! Please see the link to review seasonal flowers. Take into account setup and delivery for the flowers.

Step 3. Gather Your Inspiration

From Pinterest to Instagram to pictures you saw on Facebook and decided you needed them for your wedding, Pictures, videos, and heavy descriptions are important to bring to your florist in your area. Inspiration is one of the most parts when talking to your florist. Often more than not do customers bring pictures than asking a florist what they feel and think. A picture of a rustic styled bridal bouquet can display the floral choice and color scheme of the wedding desired. Pictures also help set the budget of the wedding. Showing a picture to your florist can help align the budget to your desires. If the picture seems to expensive or you’d like to make customization, your florist will be able to make adjustments based off your inspiration.

Step 4. Decide On A Color And Theme

Gathering your inspiration is only half the decision when choosing your flowers. Deciding on a theme or color scheme of the wedding will determine the concept for your special day as well! What color dresses are your bridesmaids wearing? What color handkerchief will the groom have? You want your flowers to match with the venue and options selected. Finding a florist should come after choosing the dress and color scheme of the bridal party. Actually, they may be decided in tandem so long as they match and align. Apart from bring in your inspiration it also help to bring a color palette you are working with for your wedding. You may even bring cut cloth samples of your dress or tux as reference. Anything that helps create your colors and themes!

Step 5. Schedule A Consultation

Here comes the actual day! No, not your special day, but a day to start your floral choice. Most websites and florist ask for 9 to 11 months out to schedule an appointment. We find it is okay to work with us starting 3 to 5 months out. We’ve had brides and grooms visit us weeks before their wedding day and the results were still picture perfect!

Step 6. Show All You Can

Remember we spoke of gathering your inspiration, colors, and theme. Now it is time to give all of that information to your florist. Leave no detail out of your consultation. Remember, your florist is there to make you happy and help ease the tension of wedding planning. Do you have questions about your wedding cake florist and how they set it up? Do you have questions regarding the lifespan of flowers during your hot wedding day? Ask your florist. They are there for your benefit. Make sure your florist understands your vision before leaving. Your florist will help guide you along a budget and floral choice if anything is out of season. How many flowers are you looking for and where do you want flowers? Do you want flowers at the end of your wedding ceremony aisle such as kissing balls, rose petals, or flower arrangements. Do you want one centerpiece or multiple tiered centerpieces on your tables? Do you want flowers on your gazebo or archway when you’re saying “I Do”? These are all questions you and your florist will answer!

Step 7. Review Your Options And Make Changes

We at Redlands Wedding Florist will deliver a quote for our service days after your consultation. If you do not agree with certain pricing our would like to make changes you are entitled to reach any outcome you desire. Be sure to review the documents thoroughly so nothing is overlooked for your big day!

Step 8. Get Ready For Your Special Day

This is the big moment you’ve been waiting for. The wedding will be paid in full. Everyone will be preparing for the event. Your florist should be setting up whatever it is you need. Have no fear, we at Redlands Wedding Flowers have handled hundreds of weddings in different weather, locations, and styles. We pride ourselves on making you happy. You should have no worries on this big day and we make sure everything is perfect, so you don’t have to!

Our Specialty

Bridal Bouquets

The wedding bouquet for the bride is the staple to amazing wedding's day flowers. If the bouquet doesn't stand with perfection the rest of the special day will crumble. Bouquets for the bride and her party will revel at the beauty of our eloquent designed work. Bring your bridal ideas to us so we may bring it to life.

Corsages and Bouttonieres

The outerwear pieces come in various styles for the corsage. We may design a wristlet corsage or a pin-on corsage. The majority select pin-ons for their ease of wear. All boutonnieres and corsages will match according the bridal bouquet, maid of honor, bridesmaids bouquets, and the grooms boutonniere.


The focal point of the reception are the wedding centerpieces. Our wedding centerpiece flowers serve up to 10 people per table. Floral choice is important. The right flowers will fragrance the surrounding area! Many may be looking for cheap or affordable centerpieces. We promise you the work we deliver will always go beyond the value. The most popular wedding theme are rustic centerpieces and blue centerpieces.

Ceremony Decor

Ceremony decor ranges from wedding arbors, kissing balls, rose petals for the aisle, aisle centerpieces, garlands and wreaths, and so much more. Ceremony decors accents your special day and brings it all together in a majestic and colorful display.

Bridal Bouquet With Purple Flowers with Girl In Wedding Gown


Most frequent questions and answers

Our wedding consultations are free of charge. During our consultation we will draw a wedding quote we will send via email within days of the consult. 

Full payment must be processed two weeks prior to the event date. This gives us enough time to purchase our goods for the wedding and prepare for your special wedding event. 

At this location, for the year 2018, we’ve designed over 30+ weddings alone. We would have done more weddings but we like to focus on one wedding at a time, and don’t want divided attention to such specific floral.

Unfortunately, we do not offer live examples, however, we do have a gallery of our work and our work alone that serves as a testament to our talent. 

We may have! We’ll know your location as soon as you sit during a consultation. In the odd chance we haven’t we will likely visit the location if asked to just to understand the location and feel. 

This question seems to boggle our minds. Yes! We setup and deliver. There is nothing you have to worry about during your special day. We take care of all loose ends and ensure your floral decor is prepared for your event. 

OF COURSE! Many brides bring their inspiration to the consultations in which we are to mimic. Depending on the budget we may design specifically to the inspiration or alter it to your wishes. Almost everything done at Riverside Bouquet is customized and tailored to every order. 


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